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Research Proposal Examples: Inspiration for Your Academic Project

Research Proposal Examples
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Welcome to the essential guide on crafting compelling research proposals of MyThesis Academy. Your research proposal is a pivotal part of your application process. It provides an opportunity to outline the question you intend to explore through your research, showcase your subject area expertise, and describe the methodologies you plan to use.

We use your research proposal to pair you with a suitable supervisor or team of supervisors. It’s also your chance to demonstrate your knowledge and enthusiasm for the topic.

If you are particularly interested in the work of a specific academic at York St John, do mention this in your proposal. Feel free to contact them to discuss your ideas. Additionally, you can consult one of our Research Leads, whose details are available on the Apply page.

When writing your proposal, make sure to:

  • Highlight originality or significance: Explain how your research is unique or important.
  • Develop or challenge current knowledge: Describe how your work will expand or contest existing understanding in your field.
  • Identify the importance: Clarify why your research matters.
  • Show your suitability: Demonstrate why you are the ideal person to undertake this research.

Sample Research Proposals

To help you get started, here are some examples of well-crafted research proposals:

By following these guidelines and putting thought into your research proposal, you will set yourself up for success in your academic journey. Good luck!

About the author:

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Dr. Friederike Jurth

Possibly you already heard of me through different media channels. My name is Dr. Friederike Jurth, and I hold a certificate from Harvard in Higher Education Teaching. Since 2010, I have given lectures on Methodology, Empirical Research, Anthropology, and Transcultural (Music) Studies in collaboration with universities in the United States, Germany, Spain, and Brazil. In 2010, I began a 7-year-long fieldwork project in Rio de Janeiro and have since presented my research at conferences worldwide, including in Japan, the United States, Australia, Brazil, Thailand, Switzerland, and many other countries. Additionally, I have worked as a lecturer and researcher with Germany’s renowned UNESCO Chair.

After completing my doctoral dissertation with summa cum laude, I aimed to unite, condense, and share the steps, ways, and details of my unique methodological and structural approach that I developed during my Ph.D. and that ultimately helped me achieve this result. By concentrating and putting them together into an elaborate academic conception, MyThesis Academy was born. Motivated by the sole aim and objective to help my students through all steps and stages of their thesis journey, MyThesis Academy enables them to achieve their best possible results in the shortest time, independent of their specific area of research.

In addition to my extensive teaching and research experience, I am part of the authors of the Cambridge Companion to Music in Brazil 2024, published by Cambridge University Press & Assessment, where I contribute as a Cambridge Author. This work is a co-operative project conducted remotely from Cambridge, England, United Kingdom.

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