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Write your thesis step-by-step with the E-Learning


Guided tour around the Campus

1.1 What´s a  thesis?       

1.2 Skills & abilities for a lifetime: Good reasons to write a thesis                       

1.3 Preparing for your thesis: Essential tasks before the start

2.1 How to approach a thesis topic & develop your working title

2.2 It´s you! Why? Find out about your particular strengths

2.3 How to create a strong & outstanding thesis statement

3.1 Go for it: Master your thesis proposal

4.1 How to draft your time & working schedule

5.1 Searching for Literature: Where & How

5.2 All about your Literature Review

5.3 Whatever it takes: Assemble your toolkit (Theory Frame)

5.4 The heel of Achilles, or: Avoiding plagiarism 

6.1 Your Research Design: The repertory of quantitative & qualitative methods

7.1 Our interest is the real life: How fieldwork started in history

7.2 Welcome to reality: How to conduct a fieldwork

7.3 Researcher´s golden rules: Transparency, ethical approach, and approval

8.1 Arriving at home with terabytes of material: Strategies to structure your data sets

8.2 Edit with Caution: Strategies of how to handle and redact rough material

9.1 Meet language norms and expectations on your academic style

10.1 Arriving to the core: Your empirical chapters

10.2 Tables, figures and Illustrations: The best (and innovative) ways to visualize your results 

11.1 Close the circle: Interpreting, relating and reflecting  

11.2 From data to abstract models: Come up with innovative ideas to present your results

12.1 The last impression of your thesis: Your conclusion

12.2 Inspiring future research projects: Your prospects

13.1. The synopsis of your thesis is like a business card: Your dissertation abstract

13.2. Your introduction: How to present essential issues in your thesis opening

13.3 Saying “Thank you!” with your thesis acknowledgement

13.4 Should or shouldn´t I do it? (Dis-)advantages of a thesis dedication

14.1 Correctness & transparency until the final page: Your bibliography 

14.2 Creating your appendix

15.1 Writing is finished,  correction is coming: Time to polish your diamond

16.1 Structure & unity is key: All about the formal Layout

16.2 How to design your thesis front page & create the table of contents

17.1 Venture the official step: Your thesis submission

17.2 The second goal: How to prepare for your thesis defense

18.1 Make your point: Secrets of an outstanding presentation

19.1 How to survive times of multiple stress without going mad

19.2 Dealing with a writer´s block & lacks of motivation

19.3 Staying long-term motivated: Tips and secrets

20.1 Everything´s finished: And now?

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