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(even if you don´t know how to start or how to refine your thesis)


Did you reach this specific moment of capital importance and still don't know how to approach your thesis?

If you are reading these lines, it is because you are aware of the crucial importance of your Ph.D. for your future life. You know exactly that your chances of reaching top positions highly depend on this single book – your Ph.D. thesis. You have already started to work on your dissertation, however, every time you revise the writing you are somehow less convinced and satisfied with it.

So – why don’t try to do it in a different way?

Most of the students who come to ask me for advise are about to give up on their thesis for a number of reasons: Some suffer from the blank page syndrome and don’t know how to start, others have reached the middle of the thesis writing process, but are stuck and feel lost…. they think that they can’t make it on their own until the time of submission.

The story continues… A lot of students struggle to formulate the right scientific questions to work out or fail to come up with the right structure for their chapters or don’t know how to face the reality and carry out empirical research… Arrrg!

Finally, it´s easy to feel overwhelmed when you are not exactly sure of how to improve your writing and get where you want. Or even worse: You feel unsure and anxious regarding your ability to deal and cope with all the challenges yourself…

Do you miss support from your University? Our Campus provides all the resources you need for your thesis journey

As we all know, the Internet seems to be the world’s “biggest library” to gather all kinds of information. Yes, it’s tempting that everything you need seems to be is just one fingertip away. However, there are a lot of untrustworthy sources and you have to invest too much of your precious time (remember: time always flies) to verify if a source or content is reliable, leading you to the result you aim to achieve.

These days, it’s a common reality that not all Universities can offer tailored all-around support to every student facing a thesis. As I am lecturing at several Universities where I teach classes with twenty students or more, I can confirm that it is unfeasible for a single professor to pay extensive and exclusive attention to each of them due to time and bureaucracy processes.

It is hard for me to see that so many students are looking forward to writing their thesis, feeling inspired and excited at the very beginning, and end up desperate. They give up because they feel lost, stuck or unmotivated and do not know how to continue and leave University without obtaining a degree.

I designed a step-by-step methodology for you that united all of my methods, secrets, strategies, and experiences, which helped me obtain the summa cum laude... (by the way: you won't find it anywhere else). It guides you from the first idea until the defense. Do you like to try it out?

Dr. Friederike Jurth, why can you help me?

Possibly, you heard of me through different media channels. My name is Dr. Friederike Jurth and I give lectures on Methodology, Empirical Research, Anthropology, and Musicology, collaborating with different Universities from the United States, Germany, Spain, and Brazil since 2012. Starting in 2010, I carried out a seven years long fieldwork in Rio de Janeiro and presented my research at conferences all around the world, such as Japan, the U.S., Australia, Brazil, Thailand, Switzerland and many others. In addition, I worked on several research projects from Germany’s famous UNESCO-Chair.

Speaking German as my mother tongue, I am equally fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

In all my years of supporting and coaching students with their academic work (thesis), I detected a range of common problems among my thesis writing students: Doubts about how to start, continue, and finish a thesis and prepare an outstanding presentation for defense in front of an academic audience. It´s well-known that supervisors are often overloaded with different kinds of work and may just be able to provide their students with limited feedback. Scholars need to acquire information and input on their own – even if they have to go less orthodox ways to search for information.

Maybe you are getting curious about my technical area of expertise, asking yourself if it matches yours. Before telling you about it, I would like to include some words on the base shaping a thesis to explain why thesis consultation isn´t just a matter of working in the exact same field. The writing process consists of multiple layers: First of all, you have to be sure about the overall structure of your chapters and sections, decide on the methodological approach you take, and be familiar with the standard rules of research and norms of academic writing before entering your technical area in depth. The structure and the general approach to writing a thesis are quite similar – no matter if you are studying political science, fine arts, philosophy, economy, medicine…

Now, that you learned about the common base of a thesis (independent from the specific research area), let me share some information about the field of research I am passionate about: Transcultural Music Studies. My Ph.D. explored the composition process of Samba-Enredo, the music from Rio´s famous Carnival. To do that, I spent around seven years living in Rio de Janeiro, doing fieldwork at the Samba schools and in the Favelas to discover the historical roots and current daily practices that shape and influence Samba-Enredo. Although my life presently continues in another country, I am still deeply connected to Brazil and realizing projects in Rio.

Back in Germany, I defended my Ph.D. with summa cum laude. I am currently collaborating with some of the most famous Universities worldwide. I can assure you that I will provide the help you need to overcome all challenges and difficulties along your way, and to guide you to a successful submission and thesis defense.

Beyond creating your thesis,
you will enjoy all of these advantages

Now that have an idea of what MyThesis Academy offers, you certainly realized that it doesn´t consist of a simple course on how to create a thesis but of a comprehensive conception. I personally made sure that you gain all resources you need to achieve greater results.

Do you think that's all? Keep on reading & get surprised of what else is waiting for you...

We proudly present: Our Campus

Experience the worldwide first Academy that will help you create and finish your thesis on time and with the success that you have been dreaming of, even if you presently feel insecure about your academic skills or lost on how to start. Unlike other courses you find out there, I transmit everything you need to know in a clear, conscious and transparent way and provide a complete and comprehensive conception for you. Every module, class, and topic is designed with meticulous dedication, making sure that your decision to sign up for MyThesis Academy Campus will be the best idea you ever had.


Guided tour around the Campus

1.1 What´s a  thesis?       

1.2 Skills & abilities for a lifetime: Good reasons to write a thesis                       

1.3 Preparing for your thesis: Essential tasks before the start

2.1 How to approach a thesis topic & develop your working title

2.2 It´s you! Why? Find out about your particular strengths

2.3 How to create a strong & outstanding thesis statement

3.1 Go for it: Master your thesis proposal

4.1 How to draft your time & working schedule

5.1 Searching for Literature: Where & How

5.2 All about your Literature Review

5.3 Whatever it takes: Assemble your toolkit (Theory Frame)

5.4 The heel of Achilles, or: Avoiding plagiarism 

6.1 Your Research Design: The repertory of quantitative & qualitative methods

7.1 Our interest is the real life: How fieldwork started in history

7.2 Welcome to reality: How to conduct a fieldwork

7.3 Researcher´s golden rules: Transparency, ethical approach, and approval

8.1 Arriving at home with terabytes of material: Strategies to structure your data sets

8.2 Edit with Caution: Strategies of how to handle and redact rough material

9.1 Meet language norms and expectations on your academic style

10.1 Arriving to the core: Your empirical chapters

10.2 Tables, figures and Illustrations: The best (and innovative) ways to visualize your results 

11.1 Close the circle: Interpreting, relating and reflecting  

11.2 From data to abstract models: Come up with innovative ideas to present your results

12.1 The last impression of your thesis: Your conclusion

12.2 Inspiring future research projects: Your prospects

13.1. The synopsis of your thesis is like a business card: Your dissertation abstract

13.2. Your introduction: How to present essential issues in your thesis opening

13.3 Saying “Thank you!” with your thesis acknowledgement

13.4 Should or shouldn´t I do it? (Dis-)advantages of a thesis dedication

14.1 Correctness & transparency until the final page: Your bibliography 

14.2 Creating your appendix

15.1 Writing is finished,  correction is coming: Time to polish your diamond

16.1 Structure & unity is key: All about the formal Layout

16.2 How to design your thesis front page & create the table of contents

17.1 Venture the official step: Your thesis submission

17.2 The second goal: How to prepare for your thesis defense

18.1 Make your point: Secrets of an outstanding presentation

19.1 How to survive times of multiple stress without going mad

19.2 Dealing with a writer´s block & lacks of motivation

19.3 Staying long-term motivated: Tips and secrets

20.1 Everything´s finished: And now?

Your prime plus: Sign up for the offer and get all of these special bonuses for free...

Bonus #1 - Exclusive lecture 1 on how to publish your thesis

Next step: Publication! After successfully defending your thesis, another challenge is waiting for you. Discover how to do and what to consider to get your work published!

Bonus #2 - Exclusive lecture 2 on scholarships and funding

Money, money, money.... How to finance the long-term work of thesis writing? This extra lecture focusses on possibilities of funding and the question of how to apply to scholarships (to take off the economic pressure.

Bonus #3 - One session of Q&A with an expert (of 20 minutes) for free

The thesis-writing process contains so many details and leaves you with new questions every single day? Collect the most urgent ones for your extra 20 minutes of Q&A where your thesis expert will clear them all.

Bonus #4 - A One-on-One session (of 30 minutes) with your thesis expert for free

Are you unsure about a particular chapter, section or struggling with little details? We offer you an extra one-on-one session of 30 minutes for free to clear your doubts.

Bonus #5 - Your emergency-joker: One immediate support (WhatsApp)

It´s Sunday night and you suffer from an emergent problem that you need to solve immediately? Time for your ace in the sleeve: Calm down and contact your expert!

I want to write my thesis within the shortest time and obtain the best possible result...

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Campus MyThesis Academy


This is how our students evaluate us:

Are you curious about the experiences of our students? Here is a little collection of feedbacks, where some of our students share their experiences and explain, how they benefited! 

I want to write my thesis with the best possible result to be perfectly prepared for my future career.

Sign up today and benefit from the exclusive offer of paying just 497€ (single payment) or by 3 installments of 165 €

MyThesis Academy Campus


A 30-day money-back guarantee

Our promise to make you feel safe: To assure, that you are absolutely satisfied with our offer and that we complete all your expectations on our Campus, we provide a 30 day long money-back guarantee. 

⚠️ The offer will expire soon... ⚠️

Any further questions?
Time to clear your doubts

As transparency is from capital importance for us, we collected the most frequently asked questions on the following list to make sure, that your decision to sign up for our Campus it the right decision. 

Yes. When you sign up for the Campus we provide a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days (from the registration day). For more information, consult our terms & conditions. 

Yes. Apart from the extensive thesis-writing course (20 modules) you will benefit from a range of personalized exercises and bonuses (such as free One-on-One session, an emergency-consultation and 20 min. of individual Q&A).

Sure. In addition to the comprehensive thesis-writing course you have access to 5 extras (tailored bonuses), the chance to participate in our affiliation program, and join the community of MyThesis Academy in expert forums, discussion groups and live-streams.  

The way in which we created our Campus is multi-layered: Starting with the comprehensive thesis-writing course in 20 modules (which is the “heart” of our Campus), it consists of a range of additional components such a private Facebook group, a students networking space on Discord to connect and an expert discussion forum to connect with fellows, lecturers, professors, and experts, share and exchange  ideas and knowledge from your specific research area.

Further, all of our students have unlimited access to practical exercises, downloadable templates and material that help you progress quick and improve your thesis while completing the modules. Further, we run regular events such as exclusive Campus-Zoom streamings, focussing on different topics and challenges from all stages of thesis writing and provide rich collection of templates, exercises and downloadable materials to facilitate your thesis-writing progress.   

To become an affiliate, you first register to receive a personalized link which you can  share with your fellows and friends. For every student which joins the Campus and becomes part of our MyThesis-community, we offer a commission of at least 20%.

The main course consists of a total of 20 extensive modules, which are divided in separate lectures concerning the main related topics. 

The 20 modules are divided in different classes (1-4), each of them with the duration of approximately 1.5h (per lecture/class). As some topics are more extensive and complex to be discussed in-depth than others, the duration of a complete module varies between 1.5/2 and 6 hours.

Yes. In addition to the 20 modules (consisting of video lectures in HD quality) you will complete a several practical exercises that help you to get ahead with your thesis project. Every module contains a variety of additional templates and course materials are download able & printable.

I want to write my thesis with the best possible result to be perfectly prepared for my future career.

Sign up today and benefit from the exclusive offer of paying just 497€ (single payment) or by 3 installments of 165 €

MyThesis Academy Campus

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