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Do you feel like many students who stuck in the middle and need professional dissertation help online to master one of the most stressful and challenging steps of the academic career? Diverse examples illustrate the greater chances of employment after finalizing a dissertation. 

Finishing a thesis is key for qualification. Therefore, the academic institutions and authorities make it so difficult to complete the process and defend a thesis or dissertation with great success. This is, where our dissertation help online jumps in to support you. Like the majority of your fellow students, you may have reached the point to admit: I need assistance to master my academic work!

This is, what we offer!

Our values and our philosophy

Our dissertation help online will conduct you to get out of any desperate situation. 

Profit from various benefits, choosing offers from our excellent dissertation writing help program

Be Together

Don’t feel alone with a multilayered,
never-ending work

Find the Structure

Progress sooner and worry less with regular sessions of structured mentoring

Feel Safe

Feel secure and well-organized during the process of academic writing

On time

Complete and finish your dissertation
on time

Complete your aims

Complete your
final aims and
intermediate targets

Work-Life Balance

Economize time, enjoy to recuperate

dissertation help

Get 100% professional and qualified dissertation help from Coaches who graduated their own Ph.D. with
summa cum laude

All of our advantages ensure individual, tailored advice and guarantee, that you will enjoy the very best dissertation help thanks to our dissertation helpers. They are specialists in their Ph.D. area and expert writers in all associated areas. 

Our particular Services

We are a team of multilingual dissertation helpers. Our service is available in different languages and accessible across all continentsWe provide research, advice on academic writing and dissertation support in English, German, Portuguese and Spanish

English speaking countries, where our service is available:

  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom: England, Schottland, Wales
  • Irland 
  • Australia 
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Canada
  • Malta 
German speaking countries: 
  • Germany 
  • Austria 
  • Switzerland 
Portuguese speaking countries: 
  • Portugal 
  • Brazil 
Spanish speaking countries: 
  • Spain 
  • Argentina 
  • Chile
  • Peru
  • Venezuela
  • Paraguay
  • Uruguay 
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Costa Rica
  • Honduras
  • Guatemala

In our wide-ranged mentoring program, we consider different types of support for Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D., tailored to the particular needs and individual levels of our clients.  

We are experts in all areas of Bachelor´s of Master´s Thesis and Dissertation help. Further, we service our clients how work on a complex doctoral thesis with differentiated Ph.D. dissertation help.

Within this specific Ph.D. dissertation writing help we offer particular advice on empiric research, methodology and theory and practice of ethnographic fieldwork

Furthermore, you can get excellent advice from our doctoral dissertation help for all questions of selecting and presenting your empirical data and final issues like layout, design and formatting.

To enable an individual choice to all customers, we decided to create different packages of one-on-one dissertation help sessions. You get the advantage of select the specific format and extent of assistance that you need. You even profit from some special offers with a partly dissertation help online for free that we provide in combination with a registration!

To give you an example: If you decide to sign up with us as a new customer, we offer you a Welcome Session of  full 30 minutes of completely free dissertation help to talk about your project, your actual state of work, present difficulties. Within this consultation, we analyze the current situation with you and set up a strategic plan to guide you through the upcoming phases and working periods of your thesis, essay or paper.

How to order our dissertation help online

If you now got an idea about us and our concept of supporting you with individual mentoring and assistance for your dissertation, feel free to sign up on our page and book your one-on-one sessions online. Every section of our menu provides a start my thesis-button that leads you through a very simple registration form. To get you to know and prepare the first welcome-consultation of free dissertation help, tell us about your project and your current state of work: 

  1. Tell us about yourself and your academic profile
  2. Make sure that you include some information on your field of research
  3. Identify your state of work, such as:

At the beginning: Creating your Proposal, starting with the thesis or dissertation

In the middle: Moment of research, analysis and academic writing or working on a Literature Review

At the end: Finalizing your conclusion, preparing sources and references, doing editing, proofreading, formatting, and layout of your academic work

  1. Include a short description of your project, research idea, and timeframe
  2. Provide us with some information on what you need and about how we can help

After completing the form, you will be provided with information via email account. Please, confirm and follow on the instructions to get your order processed. Select a date and time for your first consultation of dissertation help online. Let´s get it started! 

Dr. des. Friederike Jurth

CEO of MyThesis Academy

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