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Have you reached that special moment of your studies when you start to write your Ph.D. thesis

…being aware that your academic success, career and future life is highly based on the result of this single book? Maybe you just began to write your thesis, or you stuck somewhere in the middle but don’t really know how to continue

If you are reading these lines, it is because you are aware of the crucial importance of your PhD for your future life. You know exactly that your chances of reaching top positions highly depend on this single book – your Ph.D. thesis. You have already started to work on your dissertation, however, every time you revise the writing you are somehow less convinced and satisfied with it.

So – why don’t try to do it in a different way?

Most of the students who come to ask me for consultation are about to give up on their thesis for a number of reasons: Some suffer from the blank page syndrome and don’t know how to start, others have reached the middle of the thesis writing process, but are stuck and feel lost… they think that they can’t make it on their own until the time of submission.

And the story continue: A lot of students struggle to formulate the right scientific questions to work out or fail to come up with the right structure for their chapters or don’t know how to carry out a real fieldwork… Arrrg!

At the end, you easily can feel overwhelmed when you are not exactly sure of what you need to do to improve your writing and get where you want. Or even worse: you might feel unsure and anxious regarding your ability to deal and cope with all the challenges by yourself…

Why can I help you?

Dr. Friederike Jurth

Possibly, you heard of me through different media channels. My name is Dr. Friederike Jurth and I have done several lectures on the Methodology of empirical research and Musicology, collaborating with different Universities in Germany, the United States, Spain and Brazil since 2012. Starting in 2012, I carried out a seven-year long fieldwork in Rio de Janeiro and worked in research projects from the famous UNESCO-Chair (Weimar).

In addition, I have presented my research at conferences all around the world, such as Japan, Australia, Switzerland and many others. Speaking German as my mother tongue, I am equally fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

In all my years of lecturing at Universities, supporting and coaching students with their academic works and thesis, I detected a range of common problems among the scholars: Doubts about how to start, continue, and finish a thesis and prepare an outstanding presentation for defense in front of an academic audience. It´s well-known that supervisors are often overloaded with different kinds of work and may just be able to provide their students with limited feedback. Scholars need to acquire information and input on their own – even if they have to go less orthodox ways.

Maybe you are getting curious about my technical area of expertise, asking yourself if it matches yours. Before telling you about it, I would like to include some words on the base shaping a thesis to explain why thesis consultation isn´t just a matter of working in the exact same field. The writing process consists of multiple layers: First of all, you have to be sure about the overall structure of your chapters and sections, decide on the methodological approach you take, and be familiar with the standard rules of research and norms of academic writing before entering your technical area in depth. This general approach to writing a thesis is quite similar – no matter if you are studying political science, fine arts, philosophy, management, biology…

Finally, let me share some information about the field of research I am passionate about: Ethnomusicology. My Ph.D. explored the composition process of Samba-Enredo, the music from Rio´s famous Carnival. To do that, I spent around seven years living in Rio de Janeiro, doing fieldwork at the Samba schools and in Rio´s Favelas to discover the historical roots and current daily practice that shape and influence Samba-Enredo. Although my life presently continues in another country, I am still deeply connected to Brazil and realizing projects in Rio.

Back in Germany, I defended my Ph.D. thesis with summa cum laude. I am currently collaborating with some of the most famous Universities worldwide. I can assure you that I will provide the help you need on your way to successfully submitting your thesis.

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