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Thesis Editing implies much more than „just“ correction: Comprising diverse elements of a complex and multi-layered process, it means to ensure that your dissertation will be submitted in its most perfect form – considering all parts and details of academic writing and layout!


Do I really benefit from expert thesis editing?

As we suppose, you aim to reach the error-free premium quality of a thesis or paper from any academic discipline. In that case, it requires a multi-step revision of every single word and a careful review of your document, including clear suggestions for necessary changes and expert feedback. Specially if you are working on a highly complex academic document such as a dissertation, you would be well-advised to benefit from the help of Ph.D. thesis editing service and professional proofreading from a fresh pair of eyes from qualified and experiences editors.

The art of thesis editing: What does an editor do?

Editing a thesis is a very complex and multi-layered task. Our expert will read through your dissertation, paper or thesis to check all key components of academic writing. During the first part of proofreading, the editor will ensure that you meet the expected language conventions, Grammar, sentence-structure, and readability of your writing. For additional suggestions, your editor also provides you with a professional, individual feedback in terms of academic tone to make sure that you submit your document error-free and in very best quality.

Further, he will be attentive to the quality of structural coherency of your topic and overall concept while doing thesis editing on your document. Providing you with a complete feedback on your argumentation and the weight of headings, the editor will do extensive correction in the section of layout and formatting to guarantee that your research-manuscript meets all attributes of outstanding, high-quality papers. To get a clear idea of all components from our thesis editing service, consult the lower business section Shaping the central parts of our service.

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Structure, style, clarity? Do not fail in sacred components

Like every student, one day you will reach the point of being aware that time flies. When your deadline to submit your manuscript comes closer, you realize that you not even started thesis editing. That means you still didn´t correct and proofread your writings. Even if you´re a native English speaker, you will benefit from the advice of an expert editor in terms of Grammar, spelling language, and tone. The services of editing on structure, clarity, academic style, citation (with APA, MLA, Chicago style, etc.), and overall layout are necessary to transform your dissertation into an outstanding one.

It´s not surprising if you start to fear the result if you leave the essential part of thesis editing out. But how can you submit within so little time? 

Unfortunately, the error of panic and of trying to fix everything in half time without any help from a professional editor often results in overseeing important details. As thesis editing and proofreading stand at the end of your finishing process, most of the mistakes will be made here, if time is too short to check all sections of your writing. Even though the question of how your research is edited will be an essential factor for the evaluation of your final writing, and the services provided by expert editors particularly helpful when it comes to professional improvement and increasing the quality of your work. Sure, the last thing you want to risk is “academic suicide” for a lack of an editor’s help after so many years of professional, intensive research, and hard work.

Shaping the central parts of our different services

The good news is that this will not happen if you decide to benefit from a professional editor’s support. You’ve come too far to have your dissertation fail due to a lack of good proofreading and editing of your work.

To give you an idea of what our editors can do for you when providing all services of a full review, find all parts of support below:

Structure and Clarity

Include: Our editors will do a review complete on important sections to ensure that your chapters follow a logical structure and a very well-organized writing.

We focus on the consistency of your argumentation, comment on the weight of headings, support you in writing a clear story that contains the essential red thread of your work.

Grammar and Language Style

Includes: Thesis editing on your sentences' clarity, control of english Grammar and spelling (as you already find different manners of spelling of American english or British english).

Further, your paper will be edited in terms of punctuation, and a check of the readability of your writing make part of our services of language-perfection.

Academic Style

Includes: A check of the expected professional academic tone and style of your work, of verb tenses, abbreviations. The use of informal language or overuse of passive voice will also be edited.

Citation Editing

Includes: Improvement and editing of in-text citations and references. Within this section of our provided services, the editors concentrate on highlighting of problematic uses of secondary literature (Plagiarism check).

As various styles are in wide use, we would like you to check the convention of your University before we start our thesis editing.

MLA (Modern Language Association of America), Harvard, APA (American Psychological Association), or Chicago style: As there are so many different types, please keep our editors informed on the specific research-guidelines your department.

Layout and Formatting

Includes: A check of the visible part of design and formatting. As it is a key factor of evaluation, the overall layout will be revised by our editor as a main element of our thesis editing!

Support and rating in Europe, the USA, South Africa or India?

Independent of the place you are you can enjoy our thesis editing service from every country from the 7 continent all over the world and in different languages. Particularly, editing can be realized in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese: 

In the United States, Germany, Spain, the UK, and even in India, Malaysia, or from South Africa – and  for the same rate. Don´t fear an extensive amount of full editing– we keep the students’ budget in mind when thinking about the pricing of all our business-services.

To get a complete overview of all countries where our support is available and the related rates, consult our services at dissertation help.

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