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Yes of course! You can contact us independent of the your stage bachelor thesis, master thesis or doctoral thesis and share your ideas and worries with us! We will do our best to give you all the support you need!

In general, it is possible to begin at any moment and in every stage of your dissertation. The E-Learning contains a number of particular Moduls which provide you with expert knowledge, various tools and a lot of different materials such as worksheets, templates, checklists etc. that will simplify your thesis/Ph.D. life!  

Yes of course. After completing the contact form, adding a short description of your project and working stage, we will enter in contact with you to discuss the individual situation and options of support. 

Yes. Within the Thesis Writing Course you will have access to various Moduls with different emphasis to resolve any question around how to write your bachelor thesis, master thesis and doctoral thesis. The Coaching would be the perfect complement to solve individual complication and questions about both the E-Learning and personal issues on your dissertation. 

No. The final mark depends on many details and circumstances. We help you to improve your skills, provide you with correction and edition and assist you in how to highlight your personal strength. Nevertheless, it is not possible to give any guarantee for a specific final result.  

If you have any reclamation concerning our service, don´t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Yes, it is possible to get a free sample that gives you an idea of our work. When it comes to the One-on-One Coaching Sessions, we offer you the Service to book a first consultation that will be discounted if you decide to book a full packet subsequently.   

We are specialized on the area of social science and humanities as well as on methodology (in particular empirical methodology and fieldwork). Presently, we are working on enlarging our team to offer you specialized service in more areas. 

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