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Writing a dissertation is a challenge – and possibly one of the most important steps and periods of your life. You start and complete the entire study, passing through introductory courses on academic writing. You discover and learn about principle rules and tools of our craft of academic writing and scientific work. You write your first seminar papers, make mistakes, and try to do it better next time.

In some faculties, it is not common to provide introductory classes, where you can experiment, learn to trial and error and succeed to mount and assort your equipment of necessary tools for research and scientific work. And suddenly, you have to face the big hurdle: To plan and write a bachelor thesis, a master thesis, or even a dissertation without or with very little experience. 

It feels like jumping into deep cold water.

The idea of MyThesis was inspired by the awareness of the significant lack and high need for mentoring for scientific work that already came up during my studies. First, my own experience was dealing with insoluble questions all by myself – especially during fieldwork. To solve the problems following up on my best knowledge and belief brought me to the edge of despair sometimes.

And I was not even alone with my struggle: Regularly I read in the newspapers about the increasing number of thesis dropouts, discussed the issue of lack of supervision with fellow students and received requests for help and correction from friends how battled alone on how to work out how to craft their thesis. Sometimes the principal worries were about little things like correct quoting or formatting, in other cases they were more serious and consisted in formal errors like presenting results in the introductory section.

Finally, students outside of my personal circle began to contact me. I started to research and, after my own defense, began to work for Ph.D. Coaching companies. I realized that the need is even greater than I initially believed. Too many people feel just like you and suffer from their too stressful thesis, worry about the required standard and how to reach there. Many even feel physically affected. So I decided to dedicate me on helping and motivating other students to resist all difficulties.

This is how the idea for My Thesis was born…


During my Bachelor in Musicology at the University of Music Franz Liszt and History at the University Friedrich Schiller Jena, I spent my exchange year abroad at the musicological faculty of the famous Université Sorbonne in Paris in 2010.

After completing the Bachelor, I continued my academic career with a specialization in Latin American Studies as the UNESCO-Chair on Transcultural Music Studies at the University of Franz Liszt Weimar, and the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Focusing on transcultural processes, she specialized in empirical research and fieldwork in the area of the Samba Schools and the famous Carnival from Rio de Janeiro, in particular at the GRES. Unidos de Vila Isabel, during my Master and Ph.D.

I graduated with the result of summa cum laude (100%) in 2020, with my thesis, titled Da idea ao Samba – From the idea to samba. The creative process of composition within the composers’ groups from the famous Samba Schools from Rio de Janeiro” which will be published soon.

Friederike Jurth


Musicologist // CEO

Dr. Friederike Jurth

I am a multilingual coach for thesis writing, editing and scientific research. Based in Germany and Spain, and originally from Germany’s capital city of Berlin, I began my musical education in early childhood, studying piano and violin at Berlin’s Particular College for Music (Carl-Philipp-Emanuel-Bach-Musikgymnasium) with a specialization in instrumental piano studies at the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin.

As a scholarship holder from the Dissertation Research Program of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), I have completed several years of anthropological and ethnomusicological fieldwork in Rio de Janeiro and joined the Samba School Gres. Unidos de Vila Isabel not only as a researcher but also as a violinist. Starting my professional academic career within the last years, I could realize diverse Lectures at Universities such as the University of the Arts Berlin and the Humboldt University Berlin, and publish various articles. Winning congress Travel grants such as from the from the IMS and ICTM and IMC-EMC, I already had the chance to present my work at several international conferences in Rio de Janeiro, Brisbane, Tokyo, London, Luzern, and Tarragona.

As an active researcher, my particular research interests are transcultural processes, Latin-American and global music studies, ethnomusicology, and anthropological studies with a focus on empirical research, fieldwork, and data analysis.

Participating in diverse musicological projects such as the Global Music Database, Safar – Music from Afghanistan, and at the moment, establishing collaborations with the Musicological Departments from Madrid´s Universidade Complutense and Bangkok´s Mahidol University, I am presently collaborating as a Freelance Consultant for the US. Ph.D. Coaching company Compita Consulting and the Austrian Thesis Factory.

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