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Thesis Proofreading service: The key for your success

Thesis Proofreading is artistry! The pure fact of finishing the written part of your thesis doesn´t mean the document is ready to submit. To fulfill the high-quality expectations regarding language skills, every written piece of scientific work has to meet the common academic standard regarding correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. Therefore it need to be professionally edited and proofread.

No matter if you´re working on a Bachelor´s, Master´s or Ph.D. thesis: Every academic work  should pass a high-quality check of professional thesis proofreading and editing to withstand the examination of supervisors or the evaluation at a defense. Although you are a fantastic writer who always received positive feedback on all essays and term  papers, you still have to get your academic work reviewed by a fresh pair of eyes.

Why? Because it’s nearly impossible to evaluate your own writing and spot the remaining errors after going through it for so many times.

Just an expert thesis proofreader will spot remaining mistakes and make sure that no error slips by, even if you are running out of time. To submit an excellent document and hand it in with a safe feeling, we provide special academic thesis proofreading service.

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This is how we do a professional check on your document

Qualified dissertation proofreading service includes a complete review of all language components. To make sure you submit the very best version of your writing even in short time, we decided to add expert thesis proofreading service as an essential component of our dissertation help and highly recommend it to our students. Our editors take care of every single student and helps to prepare an error-free dissertation, which is well-structured, and smoothly to read. Thanks to longtime experience, our proofreader will transform rough writing within short time into a shiny and brilliant thesis, that your supervisors will recognize as an outstanding one!

Avoid losing precious marks for a lack of proofreading and editing just because time runs out! Instead, stay professional, avoid grammatical errors & stylistic mistakes and keep your paragraphs clear and concise.

What our editors will do for you when correcting & polishing your thesis

Clarity & Structure

Language & Academic tone

In-text comments

When proofreading your thesis, our editor puts all suggestion in in-text comments so that you can retrace every modification easily. Don´t worry about the content: There will be no modification that runs the risk of changing the meaning. If your text suffers from accidental repetition, the editor will indicate the passage and mark his suggestion within the final feedback of thesis proofreading.

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